On June 4, exams based on interviews were organized for applicants for independent studies in the following fields: 10.00.04-Language and Literature of European, American, and Australian Peoples; 10.00.06-Comparative Literature, Comparative Linguistics, and Translation Studies; 10.00.09-Journalism; 10.00.11-Language Theory, Applied and Computer Linguistics; 13.00.01-Pedagogical Theory, History of Pedagogical Teachings; 13.00.02-Education and Upbringing Theory and Methodology; 23.00.02-Political Institutions, Processes, and Technologies; and 23.00.04-International Relations, World and Regional Development Political Problems.

The exams were conducted transparently, with the participation of the university's rector, Ilhomjon Madaminovich, who witnessed the process and wished the applicants good luck.

2024-06-08 05-13

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