Faculty of Romano-germanic philology

Fakultet haqida

Faculty of Romano-germanic philology

History of the faculty:

On the basis of PQ-1875 of December 10, 2012, and PQ-1971 of May 23, 2013, the Faculty of romance-Germanic philology was established on the basis of the faculties of German, French, Spanish philology. From 2 September 2017, philology and Language Teaching English was also included in the faculty.

To date, there are 4 departments in the faculty:

1. Theory and practice of the German language

2. Theory and practice of the French language

3. Theory and practice of the Spanish language

4.Theory and practice of the English language

Academic work:

More than 1,002 students who are taking lessons at the faculty are taught by about 100 professors and teachers who are mature connoisseurs of their field. Of these,1 doctor of science – professors, about 15 candidates of science – experienced teachers with an associate degree.

The faculty trains personnel in four areas of education and four specialties.

The faculty teaches 4 European languages (English, French, German, Spanish),6 oriental languages (Arabic, Turkish, Japanese, Hindi, malay, Indonesian,), as well as humanities, socio-economic, natural and Universal Sciences in undergraduate areas.

Undergraduate education areas:

· 5120100-philology and Language Teaching (English

· 5120100-philology and language teaching (French

· 5120100-philology and language teaching (German)

· 5120100-philology and language teaching (German)


The faculty has developed mechanisms to increase the scope and effectiveness of spiritual and moral education and educational activities carried out in 9 priority areas. In accordance with it, full-fledged information about the speeches of the president of the Republic of Uzbekistan among students, interviews of Republican statesmen and various events taking place in foreign countries in order to further increase the political and legal literacy of students, at the same time to instill in the youth consciousness the political and social processes taking place in In particular, extensive work is also being carried out in order to instill in the minds of students the idea of national independence, To Correctly Explain the essence of reforms in our country in the spiritual, educational, socio-political and economic spheres, to discuss in detail among students.

On the basis of a previously developed plan at the faculty, festive celebrations are organized on the occasion of the birthday of the creators, statesmen, captains who have left a bright mark on the history of the Uzbek people. In connection with the auspicious dates in the history of our motherland, events are also carried out. Students of the faculty are actively participating in spiritual and educational competitions among institutions, districts, cities, Republics, international or higher educational institutions. Every year, in the competitions of the Rector's Cup, Dean's Cup, held at the institute level, our teachers and students participate in the faculty's national teams and show good results.